Shipping Policy

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Hello thank you for choosing Mkw Plus Size & More for your purchases, your orders may come fom out of the country if so there is a 2 to 3 week delivery time with most packages delivered within 14 days.

When shipping to the U.S.

1.Once your order is shipped from China to the U.S.

2. It is received by the Customs Department for inspection, once cleared

3. Your order is then released to a Last Mile Carrier

4. Who will then deliver your package to a USPS facility

5. When USPS has received your package you wil then be able to track your order.

Because of the COVID 19 issue there may be some shipping delays that will effect the delivery time we appreciate your patience in this temporary issue.

The sizes for our clothing that are shipped from out of the country unless listed different are based on the Chinese size system which is a size smaller than the U.S size system. It is recommmended that you order a size up from your usual size.

If you are disatisfied with your order and want a refund, contact us and request a refund if the order has been shipped it will have to first be delivered to you the customer then after the customer has will ship the order to our company located in California the customer will be responsible for any shipping costs.

Or contact information


Phone: 951-550-5670


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